How to Place Farm Animal Entries Via

1 – Create a new account or login to your account using your previous details from our old website – If you have forgotten your password please contact us to get your account transferred over to our new website

2 – Select the show you would like to enter

3 – Click on PLACE AN ENTRY


5 – In Exhibit Name select your Entrant from the drop down or click on ADD NEW to add a new entrant to your account

5a – If clicking Add New fill out your Entrants name. Other fields are optional



8 – From the drop down choose the Section to enter your animal into

9 – On the pop up tick the box to accept the entry notes for this section

10 – Click the PLUS symbol beside the section you are entering to expand to the classes

11 – Click on the class or classes you are entering all of your animals into to select them

12 – If entering multiple animals into the same class, increase the QTY counter to reflect the number you would like to enter

13 – Fill out the animals name in the Exhibition Name box if applicable

14 – Fill in any additional information the show may require for this animal if asked

15 – Once all classes have been selected

15a – Click on ADD ANOTHER ENTRY if you need to place more entries for this show and repeat this process

15b – Click on FINISHED ADDING CLASSES if you do not need to place any more entries for this show

16 – On the next screen select any extra items you need that are available.

17 – Click on FINISHED ADDING EXTRAS  once done

18 – Purchase Membership if required or Pay your membership invoice if showing

19 – Click on FINISHED MEMBERSHIP  once done

20 – Tick the box to agree to our website T&C’s

21 – Click on the payment type and enter any payment details as required

22 – Click on PAY NOW 

23 – You will now be emailed an acknowledgement of your entries. Please check you Junk / Spam folder if this email is not in your inbox.